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First NetGalley review: When Darwin Sailed the Sea

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As a Year 6 teacher, bound by the requirements of the National Curriculum, it’s sometimes the case that certain Science topics or areas become ‘dry’ or very fact-based. 'Inheritance and Evolution' can be one such area where practical investigation is tricky, so teaching often relies on presenting the information in as interesting a way as possible. This book will be a great help in that aspect of this topic.

Below is the text of my NetGalley review for this beautiful book from Quarto Publishing- Wide Eye Edition, released on the 1st July 2020.

A beautiful, detailed picture book, packed with (as you’d expect from David Long) facts and details about the life, travels and discoveries of Charles Darwin on his journey aboard HMS Beagle.

A great cross-curricular text, involving beautifully written biography and description, but also scientific fact to link with KS2 requirements for evolution and inheritance, this would also sit nicely alongside texts such as Shackleton’s Journey in a unit around Explorers.

Bold and colourful illustrations that younger readers will love add detail to the story throughout, with larger text adding quotes, extra facts and detail alongside the main text. This is going to be a welcome and well-used addition to my Year 6 classroom shelves...highly recommended!

Many thanks to #NetGalley

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