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Fyn Carter and the Agents of Eromlos - Ian Hunter

This is a fun and fast fantasy/scifi novel which hits and appeals on many levels, and would be a great read for confident year 5 and 6.

The first chapter sets the scene brilliantly, with the arrival of a huge thunderstorm over Fyn's house also heralding the appearance of a portal in his living room and a warning to beware of 'the agents' from a mysterious stranger.

Soon, the dots connecting this stranger, his warning, and he mysterious disappearance of Fyn's dad 8 years in the past start joining up, and Fyn, accompanied by his grandad, a rescued fox and his best friend Amy, set off into the parallel universe of Eromlos and an adventure pitting them against monsters, the mysterious agents and other trips in a quest to find out the truth.

I can't wait for the sequel to read and find out more answers!

A scintillating blend of scifi, classic quest and with nods to modern day social issues of technology and its impact, this is a great read....I also loved the relationships between the characters and their development through the story as they faced challenges together.

Read the other stops on the blogtour to find out more!

Ian Hunter is a children’s author who lives on the south coast of England, UK, with his partner and their two cheeky cats (aka writing mascots).

He loves anything creative and can usually be found writing, planning an adventure holiday, or escaping to a fantasy world.

Fyn Carter and the Agents of Eromlos is Ian’s debut novel. He has many more stories to tell and is excited to share them with children and young-hearted adults like him everywhere.

My thanks to Ian for a copy of the book and a spot on the blogtour ( apologies for the date muddle!)

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