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Swarm Rising: Swarm Enemy - Tim Peake and Steve Cole

This is my blog tour stop for the second instalment of the Swarm Rising series from amazing astronaut and author pairing, Tim Peake and Steve Cole. Read on for a Q and A with Steve about the writing of the book and his own sci-fi favourites ( the questions were created with my summer reading buddies, Isla and Finn)!

A fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi for Y4+, this has humour, action and a great cast of characters (no spoilers, but Danny and Jamila return, with new-found powers, and the Swarm havent gone for good yet, either...!)

The blurb:

Perfect for fans of Alex Rider, Young Bond and Cherub, this fast-paced action adventure is the second thrilling story from astronaut Tim Peake and bestselling author Steve Cole. The alien Swarm is rising once more...

When Danny's best friend Jamila goes missing, and no one remembers she exists, Danny knows the alien Swarm are back on Earth. They've tracked the digital energy signals Jamila has been unintentionally transmitting. Her alien-enhanced DNA can be used to clone super-strong beings with super-powers, and now it's not just the Swarm who are after her. Danny needs to find Jamila - and a new version of Adi, the friendly Swarm scout - and together they must stop both humans and aliens from destroying the human race.

How does Tim's real life experience translate into the writing in the book?

Well, the idea of the Swarm came to Tim while looking into the infinite darkness of space. It’s sci-fi written by an actual astronaut, which is pretty unique. In Swarm Enemy we go aboard the International Space Station and you won’t believe what we do with it! I had the best fun working on that scene.

Who is Steve's favourite sci-fi character?

I think it would have to be Doctor Who – then I can have 14 favourites at once!

What spacecraft would Steve like to drive most?

The Starship Enterprise. Move over, Kirk!

What was it like working with Tim?

Tim is so passionate and committed to projects, his enthusiasm is incredibly infectious. And when we discuss ideas, we bounce off each other really well and get more and more excited.

Do you believe in aliens?

Absolutely. It’s estimated that there are 100 billion planets just in our own galaxy – and the universe contains about 150 billion other galaxies. How can our little backwater speck in space harbour the only life? That’s a ridiculous notion.

What do you think of space tourism?

As a child I always imagined that by now I’d be living on Mars wearing a silver jumpsuit and flying rocket ships. So, bring it!

James Bond/ does Steve move between genres and is it difficult to swap across them?

I enjoy writing in lots of different genres; it exercises different imaginative muscles. So it’s not difficult when you’re enjoying yourself, it’s invigorating.

Best recent book he's read?

The Fire Cats of London by Anna Fargher

My thanks to Steve for answering the questions ( as I said, I had help from Isla and Finn with them!) and to Namishka at Hachette for the copy of the book and the blogtour stop.

Swarm Rising: Swarm Enemy is out now: find out more at

You can find out more about Tim Peake and this book at:

Follow author, Steve Cole on Twitter as @SteveColeBooks

This post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) August 2022.

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