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The Comet - Joe Todd-Stanton

Empathy Lab #ReadForEmpathy booklist blogpost February 2023

This is an absolute joy of a book, from the sparkling, golden-foiled cover, to the beautiful story within. It follows the story of Nyla and her dad as they get used to a change of home and the difficulty of getting to grips with new circumstances.

Nyla's sadness at the difference in her way of life - away from the wild, natural environment she was used to, and into a city-based busy life - is poignant in today's world of migration in the headlines, and will strike a chord with many readers who have experienced change or moves in their lives for whatever reason.

Her sadness and desire to grasp onto something familiar (the comet) are beautifully drawn out through simple yet powerful text, and the wonderful drawings alongside by author/illustrator, Joe Todd-Stanton. There is so much going on the pictures that I notice something new with every reading, and could spend hours just looking at the windows in the cityscapes or stars in the sky on the bright and colourful pages.

A beautiful, powerful story about dealing with change and seeing the hope and opportunity in it as well as accepting that it can be difficult at first.

This is a brilliant inclusion in the picture book category of this year's Read For Empathy list, and I'm very grateful to Empathy Lab for having asked me to share my thoughts on it with you here at

The Comet is published by Flying Eye books. Find out more here:

Find out more about the rest of the #ReadForEmpathy booklist by following the tour at the stops below, or via the link at the top of this post:

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Post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) February 2023

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