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The Story

'..he woldentof lived without books.' 

The background writing on this page is a 'story' written by my then 6-year old daughter, and one of the reasons why I've created this site.

As a lifelong lover of books, I'm incredibly lucky to be a teacher and (hopefully) pass that on to others. I've started whatiread as a way of sharing my love of books with an even wider audience.

Inspired by Twitter, I'm going to post regularly with thoughts and musings on books, reading and teaching (though I won't be held to sticking to that list!). 

See what I’ve been reading in my blog, browse my site, learn about my literary loves, and find a book that excites and interests you as well.

If you really like, you can 'Donate' a book via the button below from my Amazon wishlist for me to write about!

Once read, books will be donated to my school/class library - thanks in advance!

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