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The Smile Shop (updated) - Satoshi Kitamura

THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN EDITED AND UPDATED TO COINCIDE WITH THE BLOG TOUR FOR THIS BOOK IN FEBRUARY 2021, WITH LINKS NOW ADDED TO RESOURCES I WROTE FOR THE BOOK AND SCALLYWAG PRESS. First recommended on a #BrewEdFindYourVoice talk I gave about kindness ( ). A beautifully illustrated journey tale (in the unmistakable and wonderful unique style of Satoshi Kitamura), it follows a small boy as he starts off excitedly walking through a busy marketplace

Umbrella - Elena Arevalo Melville

This is a lovely book with messages of kindness, sharing, compassion, hope and possibility. Following a girl called Clara as she moves through a park, we encounter a variety of characters facing problems. Starting with Clara herself, who is lonely, and has no-one to play with, a 'worn but very special' umbrella that can talk provides solutions throughout the book in magical and wonderful ways, with the message of 'Anything is possible' at it's centre. From an elephant that he



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