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The Midnight Guardians - Ross Montgomery

This review has been updated for my part in the blogtour in advance of the release of this brilliant book on 5th November 2020. Many thanks to Walker Books for the advance proof of the book to review, and for asking me to take part. Love, loss and London during the Blitz... What a book...I loved it! I posted the first version of this review back in July when I was lucky enough to first read it, and am still thinking about this story now we're in in November, having re-read it

Guilty pleasures....

So...chilled morning, doors to garden open, sitting in kitchen eating toast, drinking coffee, trying to read to the end of #TheMidnightGuardians by @mossmontmomery on a tiny screen (eyesight warning: don't download NetGalley ARCs to phone in future). Alexa pings: Amazon delivery imminent....wife not happy (see the background image on my 'About' page of the letter my 6-year old wrote to ascertain her views on my 'book problem') and I rack my brains to try and remember which of



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