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21% Monster: Ice Giant - P. J. Canning

The second instalment in this fab adventure sees us returning again to the pairing of Darren Devlin and Marek Masters as they battle against the secret organisation that created them. This time, they are joined in their desire to destroy the evil organisation by another XSP creation, a girl who's part sabre-tooth polar bear!

Another action-packed and thrilling blast of a read, this would be ideal for fans of Horowitz's Alex Rider, and lovers of authors such as Christopher Edge and Jennifer Bell with its sci-fi slant. Think the X-files updated for a younger (KS2+) crowd, and you're along the right lines - it's brilliant fun, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Another great feature of this book is the link to additional information through publisher, Usborne's, 'Quicklinks' pages. Here you can find out more about some of the science and technology talked about in the book, from DNA to bionics, with video clips and links to activities and websites with more information - a brilliant idea and resource!


Genetically-modified teens try to bring down the organisation that made them, in this second action-packed instalment in the 21% Monster series.

The girl put her hands on her hips, cocked her head and answered: ‘My name is Aurora María Ash-Valero and I’m here to kick your butt!’

Since Darren Devlin and Marek Masters joined forces, there has only been one thing on their minds - taking down XSP, the secret organisation that transformed them into genetically-modified superhumans. Even with 21% monster Darren’s incredible strength, and 19% alien Marek’s super intelligence, XSP is more than a match for them. But what if there was another survivor of XSP’s experiments? A tall, tough, athletic teen girl able to withstand sub-zero temperatures and track potential predators? A girl who’s 17% sabre- tooth polar bear, and out for revenge.

Two’s company, but Three IS UNSTOPPABLE in this high-octane adventure, 21% Monster: Ice Giant.

Author Information

P.J.Canning has a PhD in Chemistry and works in Cambridge. He is married with three children, all of whom are brutal critics of his work.

P.J. heard someone say "write about what you know", but he prefers to write about aliens and monsters instead. 21% Monster was his first novel.

Thanks to Usborne and Kaleidoscope for having me o the blogtour for this fab adventure.

Find out more and buy a copy via the publisher's website:

Review by Rich simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) January 2023

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