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Bridget Vanderpuff and the Ghost Train - Martin Stewart

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Belle-on-Sea is getting ready for the Night of the Hungry Ghosts, the spookiest time of the year. Mr Vanderpuff's bake will be the centrepiece of the whole parade, but he needs a new creation and he's totally stumped. To make matters worse, salty old seadog, Captain Lufty, and his Hat Rat, Barry, have warned that something is coming to Belle-on-Sea. Something terrible.

When a ghost train is seen rattling into town, and people start to go missing - first the librarian, then the Mayor - Bridget and Tom begin tracking the train's tracks, delighted to be in the thick of another mystery.

Then the unthinkable happens: the ghost train takes Mr Vanderpuff! Someone - or something - is out to destroy Belle-on-Sea. But they've forgotten one important detail. This is Bridget's town.

Bridget must save the missing people from their perilous prisons, rescue the parade, and come up with an idea for Mr Vanderpuff's Hungry Ghosts bake, before it's too late.

Blogtour review:

I love this series....and this second book in the series continues with more spills, thrills and mysteries to solve for super sleuths Bridget and Tom as they try to save the day: the parade, their fellow inhabitants and the baked centrepiece! Talk about hands full!

I love the style of writing in these books....great descriptions and plot alongside the footnotes and three-word chapter subheadings all add extra fun and interest, and the persistent mentions of baked goods are bound to leave you hungry, too, as you read and race to see whether the day can be saved!

Perfect for fans of Malamander and the Alice Éclair series, this is a fab, fun, foodie frolic, great for 7+, and out now...a third book to follow soon!

See below for an extract from book 1 in the series: Bridget Vanderpuff and the Baked Escape

Check out other posts on the blogtour via the social channels on the tour banner above, or via the publisher, Zephyr's website:

My thanks to for the review copy.

Rich Simpson ( @richreadalot) September 2023

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