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First post!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I've added this image as it's a bit of a mantra for me as a teacher, but I very rarely apply it to myself.

Sure, I have a notebook, I scribble ideas, I read something and think: 'I wish I'd thought of that', but I very rarely, if ever, do anything about it! goes!

To anyone who's written a blog, please don't take the above quote as an insult! I love reading your posts, many of which are (and will likely always be) better than this one....I just wanted to find my own 'voice' and, inspired by much of what I've seen, prompted by a few new friends (I've only been a 'Tweeter' for a couple of months!), this is the beginning of that process!

I've always loved books - I'm fortunate that I get to share that with colleagues and pupils most days in class, but the current situation has left me reading in isolation; it was yet another nudge to get this thing started and see if I could reach some other bibliophiles.

This first post is a bit of a ramble and introduction...I promise to improve, so don't be scared off!

First book-related post coming very soon (once I've checked this has worked!).

Thanks for reading, and hope this is the start of a fun trip together through the pages of the books I love!

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