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Legendarium - Jennifer Bell

The sequel to last year's 'Wonderscape', Jennifer Bell returns with 'Legendarium', and the next exciting instalment in the adventures of Ren, Arthur and Cecily (and Cloud the robo-dog - gotta love a sidekick!). This time (well actually, 400+ years from this time, in the year 2493!) they are facing time-travelling villain Deadlock and fighting against characters from myths and legends brought to life in the deadly 'Irontide Tournament'.

I loved the quick-paced, action-packed nature of this story - reflective of gaming - as the characters face challenges and levels to race against the clock, akin to video games; I also liked the way one success leads to the next challenge/bad-guy etc. I know many children that I teach who will absolutely love this book, especially as it seems to flow in short 'chunks' of action (what teacher doesn't love a good cliffhanger chapter ending!?) and it would be a great read-aloud in class to keep children on the edge of their seats. From the gripping start and the appearance of the portal, to the many references to technology and games that they will be instantly familiar with, it will be gobbled up and enjoyed by many, I have no doubt (I'd suggest Y5+).

The descriptions and action sequences are akin to many a blockbuster action movie in nature (think Percy Jackson type battles/fights/challenges) and I love the fact that the characters and locations from legends might inspire readers to go off and find out more about the stories behind them after reading about them in Legendarium - it's a fantastic mix and world to explore!

Find out what others think (and read extracts and more!) at the other stops on the blogtour via the links below:

As part of the blogtour for this cracking adventure, I am thrilled to be able to offer a copy of the book to one lucky person!

Simply follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@richreadalot) and comment below my post about this book to get an entry- the winner will be selected at random from all entries across both platforms at 6pm on Thursday 12/5/22. I will contact them by DM to arrange delivery.

Watch the trailer for the book (from ), here:

You can listen to Jennifer talking about the book in a video she did for the Reading Zone YouTube channel, here:

Legendarium is out now - please support local bookshops if you're buying a copy!

Many thanks to Jennifer and Walker Books for having me on the blogtour for this book, and to Kirsten for organising it.

Find out more at or by following Jennifer on Twitter as @jenrosebell. Her website is

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) May 2022. All opinions my own.

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