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Libby and the Parisian Puzzle - Jo Clarke, ill. by Becka Moor

My stop on the blogtour and scavenger hunt is this amazing Parisian landmark building...

Pompidou Centre
Many people were disgusted at the sight of the inside out and upside down Pompidou Centre when it opened in 1977. The colour of the pipes on the outside indicates their uses. Putting the escalators and all the services pipes, ducts and wires on the outside means there is more space inside for the art museum, public library, cinema and performance halls.

The book itself:

Mystery-lover Libby is excited but nervous when she’s sent to live with her aunt, while her mother is working abroad. Her Aunt Agatha is the headmistress of an extraordinary travelling school that moves from country to country.
Libby joins the school in Paris, where she is just starting to find her feet, when Agatha is arrested, accused of a daring jewel robbery. Can Libby and her new best friend Connie find the real thief and save her aunt?

As a booklover (especially crime and adventure), a lover of French food and culture, and a teacher, this couldn't be a more perfect match as a story for me: it's written by a librarian, set in Paris, and follows an incredible pupil at an amazing travelling school solving a jewellery heist!

5 stars guaranteed! It's a fun, fast, frolic in France, with clues to crack and mysteries to mull over - can you tell that I liked the alliterative title??

The book would be a perfect read for fans of MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman's 'Adventures On Trains' series, and those who enjoyed Robin Steven's 'Murder Most Unladylike' mysteries - this being the first in a series (book 2 out 2023) that they can engage with and follow as it grows. It also echoes the fast paced, action packed drama of both series, and features its own bright and brave lead character in Libby.

I loved the atmosphere of the city that Jo Clarke's wonderful descriptions evoked - I guarantee, without stereotyping, that you'll be wanting coffee and croissants after reading this - and I can't wait to follow the adventures as they move around with the 'travelling school' - what a great idea - where can I apply! I am sure readers will also love this idea - the experience and discovery of new places and the adventures alongside them that the series is bound to provide if this first outing is an indication!

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Many thanks to Karen at Firefly Press and Jo for having me on the blogtour today and for the proof copy of this lovely book to read in advance. Find out more at:

Illustrator Becka Moor, whose fun pictures are another lovely element of the book is at:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram), March 2022. All opinions honest and my own.

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