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Shoot The Moonlight Out - William Boyle

A brilliant cast of Brooklyn-based characters crash together in this gritty crime/character study from William Boyle and No Exit Press.

Taking the stark setting of lives gone wrong, and past events coming back to haunt them, the story follows a group of seemingly unconnected characters whose lives come together 5 years after a tragic event.

From a vigilante struggling to cope with loss, a writer looking for her own story and on the run from a stalking ex, and several others: loan sharks, teen lovers and conmen, the cast of characters drew me in and gripped parts a thrilling crime novel, in others a retrospective on grief.

A pacy page-turner with enough action to pack a punch and enough empathy and background story to make you stop and think and ponder on good/evil and right/wrong. I loved the dichotomy of Jack...a father in grieving, sharing his innermost feelings at a writing class in a church workshop, but able to switch in the blink of an eye to unfeeling killer.

A great read, and highly recommended, this would be enjoyed by fans of Michael Connelly, Joe Lansdale and Don Winslow...a fab mix of gritty realism, violent crime, and lighter funny moments, too.

Shoot TheMoonlight Out is out now-find out more at

Thanks to No Exit Press for the copy of the book for review.

Review by Rich Simpson ( @richreadalot) March 2022. All views my own.

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