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The Boy Who Made Monsters - Jenny Pearson


There are a lot of different types of monster. Some live at the bottom of lochs, some are found far out at sea and some swim about in the depths of your mind and these can be the scariest monsters of all - if you let them.

Benji McLaughlin is a visionary. He believes in things that other people think are impossible, like that he and his brother Stanley will be happy in their new home in Scotland, and that the Loch Lochy monster exists, and that his parents will come home safely one day, even though they've been missing for months.

When he finds out that his Uncle Hamish's Loch Lochy tourist business is struggling, and it looks like Benji and Stanley might lose another home, Benji's not worried. He has a plan. If he can show everyone that the Loch Lochy monster exists, people will flock to come and see it, and the business will flourish again.

Together with his new friend Murdy and Mr Dog, the best dog in the world, Benji sets off to capture evidence of the monster, even if he has to get a little creative. But Benji might end up confronting more monsters than he expects.

Thanks to Kaleidoscopic Tours for having me on the blogtour for this fab book. I love Jenny Pearson's books: in real life she's one of the funniest people I've ever met, (especially after blue cocktails!) and her books reflect her humour, but also her grasp of young people and their behaviour, language, worries, relationships etc. The amstories and characters are relatable, funny, but also honest in their dealings with some pretty serious life issues, but all dealt with in a very age-appropriate way, with a subtle touch that doesn't overwhelm the reader with serious issues being addressed, but doesn't shy away from metting them head on either. This is another cracking story that had me in turns laughing, crying, angry and heartbroken, as well as rooting for the characters ( underdogs as usual!) to overcome. Brilliant part of the blogtour you can read and see for yourself with the extract below:

Check out what others think at the blogtour stops above.

Jenny Pearson has been awarded six mugs, one fridge magnet, one wall plaque and numerous cards for her role as Best Teacher in the World. When she is not busy being inspirational in the classroom, she would like nothing more than to relax with her two young boys, but she can't as they view her as a human climbing frame. Her debut novel, The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates, was shortlisted for the Costa Children's Book Award and selected as a Waterstones Book of the Month.


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