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The Forgotten Crown - James Haddell

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Blogtour, 26th November 2021

This had begun as a quest of self-discovery, following the meagre clues she had with regard to her birth history, but somehow it had led to her discovering the legendary Thirteen Treasures of Britain. Now Tia had been given another quest.

Another amazing adventure with Tia, as she investigates more mythical mysteries in her quest to unravel the puzzles and challenges set in the first book in this series, last year. A mix of historical details, myths, legends and modern-day adventure, this ticks so many boxes that it’s sure to be a hit with thrill-seeking readers.

The legend of King Arthur and the stories of knights and castles; the mysterious strangers skulking around with links to an unsolved murder; the journey of self-discovery that Tia is on as she discovers more about her own background as the plot develops. There is so much going on here that I read the book in one sitting, desperate to find out what happens and how things are resolved (and left ready for book three in the series!).

Links to the previous book build on characters and events that see Tia, an adopted girl with a mysterious background, back in the village of Stormhaven, surrounded by characters such as Grandpa Locryn, best friend Pasco and older sister Meghan, who all contrive alongside her to get to the bottom of the mission set at the end of book one, and search for another of the Thirteen treasures, this time the Coron Athur, the crown of King Arthur.

With maps, secret messages, notes, break-ins, magical cloaks, underground tunnels and danger aplenty, this is a gripping and thrilling read, and I don’t hesitate to recommend it for Ks2 readers and fans of Hilary Mackay, MG Leonard etc. looking for an exciting mystery/adventure with captivating and engaging characters.

I loved the use of Welsh and old-English names for myths, people and places, adding a real sense of authenticity to the tale, and inspiring many a Google search for further details about them!

Thank you so much to the brilliant James for asking me to kick off the blog tour for the launch of the book, and providing me with an advance copy to read for review. Check out what others have to say by following the links/tags shown in the poster:

Find out more about James and the Tales of Truth and Treasure series here:

Get a taste of what to expect with this trailer for book one in the series, 'The Lost Child's Quest':

The Forgotten Crown will be published by Emira Press - pre-order a copy via their website here:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) November 2021. All views my own.

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