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The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror - Helena Duggan

Updated: Aug 2

Only kids can save the world.
The energy from the sun is being stolen. It's a catastrophe for the planet and every living thing on it!
Friends Grian, Jeffrey and Shelli are desperately trying to work out how it's happening. They know tech genius Howard Hansom is behind the theft and they're determined to stop him. But they can't use any of Hansom's smart technology in their quest as it will track them wherever they go.
The three young heroes need to find a strange black mirror to help them save the sun.
Time is running out. 
Can kids really save the world?


Exclusive extract:

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Helena Duggan is a children's author, graphic designer and illustrator from

Kilkenny, a medieval town in Ireland, which was the inspiration for A Place

Called Perfect. She writes in a treehouse built by her husband Robbie and his

brother in the bottom of their garden. She lives in a small house with Robbie,

their daughters Jo and Bobbie and dog Tinker.



Thanks to @heldideas, @usborne & @kaleidoscopicbt for the copy of the book and the blogtour spot


Post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) August 2023

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