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The Mummy's Curse - M.A.Bennett

The Mummy's Curse: A time-travelling adventure to discover the secrets of Tutankhamun - The Butterfly Club

Would you risk the future to change the past?

Greenwich, London, 1894.

Luna, Konstantin and Aidan are time-travelling thieves, stealing artefacts from the future to bring progress forward. And they are about to venture on their most treacherous mission.

For The Butterfly Club have their eyes on a shiny new prize. In Egypt's Valley of the Kings a man named Howard Carter will stumble upon an unimaginable treasure - Tutankhamun's mummy: the greatest archaeological discovery of all time.

The three children are given an impossible task: travel to 1922 and uncover the mummy first.

But when the time-thieves disturb Tutankhamun's long sleep they wake something else too - a deadly and ancient curse. And now they must face the terrifying consequences of their actions...

I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting mix of fact and fiction with its curses and archaeology, mummies, tomb-raiding and historical figures such as Howard Carter. This is a clever and engaging read - an intriguing book for readers Y5+ for fans of history that want a bit more action than a straightforward non-fiction fact book may provide!

As part of the blogtour, publishers Welbeck have shared an extract that you can read for yourself here:

My thanks to Susan at Welbeck for a copy of the book to read and the extract to share on my stop on the blogtour.

Read more at these other stops on the tour, or via the publisher's social media/website (links below):

Social media for author, M.A. Bennett is:

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