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The Song Walker - Zillah Bethall

As a huge fan of last year's Shar Caller, an its beautiful imagery and descriptions with brilliant plot twists, I was very excited when this arrived. Set in Australia in the aftermath of a crash in which the main character has lost her memory, it is a story all about being lost and found, in every sense, and finding out what matters through trial and courage.

I've been lucky enough to have travelled and visited the Outback, and the descriptions within The Song Walker evoke memories of the incredible size, awesome emptiness, but astounding beauty of this incredible place and its people (and their stories) magnificently.

The plot, as now expected from Zillah, is also full of twists and excitement....I was watching out for 'the twist' and still surprised! But no spoliers here....

I loved the contrast between Tarni and her song-filled memory and steadfast focus and direction, and Sienna and her loss of song, direction and self...a brilliant contradiction and foil for each other....funny but with deep feelings and emotions throughout as their stories are gradually revealed.

Brilliance from Bethell....I don't hesitate to recommend this, give it 5 stars, enter it for's one of my favourite reads of recent times, and deserving of the many plaudits and 'book of the week' mentions it's recently been getting since publication last week.

I'm honoured to have been asked to be part of the blogtour and grateful to Kaleidoscope for a copy for review.

Review by Rich Simpson ( @richreadalot) February 2023

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