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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Dragons - Andy Shepherd

A brilliant addition to the much-loved Dragon series by Andy Shepherd, this continues the story of Tomas and the gang of friends.

Now spread around the world, and with a cast of familiar dragons and trees as well as some new ones to discover, this story continues the themes of friendship, caring and thoughtfulness that are such great ingredients in all the previous stories, but this time in a slightly different format.

As well as being a new story in the series, there are a lovely mix of other genres included through the book, with guides to dragon care, text messages between the gang, tips and tricks, and fact cards with a Top Trumps feel to them.

I loved revisiting the gang, and the engaging nature of the mixed text types was a great new twist to the Dragon experience this time around!

The book also comes with a great set of teacher resources for the books as well, which you can access via the following link to use in class:

Thanks to Andy and Piccadilly Press for my copy of the book and my spot on the blogtour!

Find out more via the publisher's website:

Review and post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) September 2022.

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