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They Stalk The Night - Brian Moreland

During a winter storm, a ravenous beast preys upon the people of a remote town and a pipeline construction company. Among them, a predatorial psychopath welcomes a master as cold and dark as his heart. Following a trail of carnage, retired police chief Sam Larsen, along with a hellbent group of men and a corrupt sheriff, desperately try to stop the beast before its contagious hunger spreads to others. A young mother, trapped inside her isolated home with her children, must do everything in her power to survive the night.

A small-town mystery with all the usual characters and interplay between them - corruption, lies, relationships etc. mix with sheer horror in the nightmare creature unleashed when a drilling company disturbs an ancient monster....this is edge of your seat thrill a-plenty, with a slow build as you get to know the characters leading into a fast paced fright-fest at the end.

Blood, gore, terrifying descriptions of the creature itself - this is a definite Halloween read (a well-timed release!) and fans of the 'evil creature in the woods' genre will love this, with its nods and tropes sure to please - rumours, past encounters, the evil character who you hope meets a sticky end....I also loved the links to Norse myths and legends and superstitions around the land and people.

My thanks to Flame Tree for the proof and spot to kick off the blogtour for this today! Check out other stops for more about this book via the socials below:

Brian Moreland writes a blend of mystery, dark suspense and horror. He has written ten books,

including The Devil’s Woods, The Witching House, Tomb of Gods and Savage Island. An adventure

seeker and world traveller, Brian currently lives in North Texas, where he enjoys creating scary books

and short stories. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianMoreland

FLAME TREE PRESS is the imprint of long-standing Independent Flame Tree Publishing, dedicated to full-length original fiction in the horror and suspense, science fiction & fantasy, and crime / mystery / thriller categories. The list brings together fantastic new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices. Learn more about Flame Tree Press at and connect on social media @FlameTreePress

Review and post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) October 2023

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