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An Illustrated History of UFOs - Adam Allsuch Boardman

This fantastic book, full of brilliant facts, stories and theories about UFOs is an absolute delight.

I loved the style of the illustrations ( the retro feel very fitting for the subject and history of sightings contained) and the mix of presentation, from comic strip to diagrams and detailed text.

Told in chronological order, with chapters named after decades, it details sightings, events and conspiracy theories from around the world, and is sure to capture the imagination of many a Sci-fi fan with the interesting and engaging content it includes.

Thank you to Nobrow for the copy of this book to review - find out more at An Illustrated History of UFOs – Nobrow Press

Adam Allsuch Boardman is on Twitter as @aaab_illo and Instagram as

Review by Rich Simpson (Twitter and Instagram @richreadalot) February 2021

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