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Who Will You Meet On Dinosaur Street? - Gareth Peter, ill. Tim Budgen

What is that stomping and stamping of feet?
It looks like a party on Dinosaur Street!
They’re all in a frenzy and eager to go
To the Fizz-whizzing Flash-tastic Fireworks Show!
Welcome to Dinosaur Street! Home to Flashysaurus, Splashysaurus, Whoops-there’s-been-a Crashysaurus, and a whole host of other loveable characters. With the most energetic rhythm and rhyme this is huge fun to read aloud and will encourage lots of reader engagement. The hilarious Who Will You Meet series is sure to become a repeat-read family favourite.

This lovely fun tale is bound to raise a smile as it takes us on a journey to meet all sorts of different dinosaurs in search of one that might remind a reader of themselves...

The endpapers begin with some better-known examples of dinosaurs, before the illustrations then lead us into page after page of invented '-sauruses', introducing us to a delightful range of dinosaurs from 'Stinkysaurus' to 'Grumpysaurus'.

Here are some of my favourites - this one because I remember being 'Daddysaurus' for my two children, so this brought back great memories of when they were little!

Told in a lively, rhyming style, and with beautifully bright, fun and engaging illustrations by Tim Budgen throughout, this will be a much loved and requested read-aloud for younger audiences, while older readers might enjoy trying to think of their own 'sauruses' to join in or add to the collection already on the pages!

I loved the inclusive ending, with the gang of dinosaurs inviting you to join their 'street', and recommend this whole-heartedly as a kind and enjoyable book to share - I can't wait to meet and discover more characters in the rest of the 'Who Will You Meet?' series.

Thanks very much to Gareth and Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy for review and for asking me to review as part of the blog tour for the book.

Find out more by following them on Twitter:

Gareth Peters - @PurpleHuskey

Tim Budgen - @timbudgen

Simon and Schuster - @simonkids_UK

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Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) April 2022. All opinions my own.

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