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Wishes Come in Threes - Andy Jones

I'm thrilled to be part of the blogtour for the lovely 'Wishes Come in Threes' by Andy Jones, and that I have an extract of the book on my stop to share with you so that you can see for yourselves what a lovely story it is! Full of warmth, wit, family and friendship, nasty bullies and dog-stealing villains, and a little pinch of magic... this is a perfect summer read!

"I don't know exactly how wishes work. But I knew a man that did."

The blurb:

At the start of the summer, Phyll longs for three things: less knobbly knees; a dog of her own; the cloud of depression that lingers over her mum to blow away in the Cornish sea breeze now that they've moved. But wishing is easy. It's magic that's in short supply, or so Phyll thinks until she meets the mysterious Mr Djinn at the old folks' home. Mr Djinn is a firm believer in the power of wishing for the right things. He would be, since he claims to be a genie. Genie or not, Phyll is just pleased to have someone other than her journal with whom to share her thoughts and feelings. And she has a lot of those, what with Hilda the bully at summer camp, a stranger on the beach who seems very interested in other people's dogs and waiting, hoping, for her mum's sadness to lift. But as Phyll is about to learn, wishing hard enough, wishing well enough can bring its own magic...

Read more here (Chapter 1 extract):

Wishes sample extract
Download PDF • 447KB

Find out more about this author via his website: or by following him on Twitter as: @andyjonesauthor

My thanks to Rosi and Rebecca at Walker for having me on the blogtour and the copy of the book for review. Find out more about the book over the coming days at these stops/via these links:

You can find out more about the book via the publisher's website:

Post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) July 2022. All views my own

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