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Absolutely Everything - Christopher Lloyd

AN ARMADILLO the size of a pick-up truck. A 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles. A legendary Chinese Empress said to have invented silk. Bees waggle dancing. Researchers figuring out how ancient Egyptian embalmers really got the brains out of dead people. An African emperor on a gold-laden pilgrimage….

These were some of the facts and information included in the original edition of this fact-packed, brilliant book from What On Earth books and Christopher Lloyd. Full of fun, detail and unusual facts, alongside key information, this is a book that will occupy young readers for hours on end, either as they research a fact they want to know more about, or if they pick and dip into it just to see what they can discover! I loved it - it will be a brilliant addition to our classroom shelves, bound to be popular, and possibly more importantly, useful, too!!

The Author:

Christopher Lloyd is a UK -based author, lecturer and non-fiction storyteller specialising in connecting knowledge together using giant narratives, visual timelines and interactive workshops. He is a graduate in history from Peterhouse Cambridge, and a former Sunday Times science correspondent.

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Listen to author, Chris Lloyd talking about this new, updated version of the factbook here:

Listen to excerpts from the original edition here:

The Publisher:

What On Earth books produce some of my favourite non-fiction, in beautiful, colourful, fact-filled editions....

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