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Amelia Fang - Laura Ellen Anderson

The most popular arrival in our house this year, we received the first book in the series as a gift from the very kind people at @egmontbooksuk, and have since raced through the rest of the series, right up to its latest installment: 'Amelia Fang and the Trouble with Toads'.

My daughter Isla, loves these books and characters, and we have taken part in draw-alongs at Halloween with the author at an online event, as well as reading the entire series in record time!

Huge thanks to author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson, who has also sent a very gratefully- received donation of Amelia Fang tote-bags and bookplates to use as raffle and upcoming World Book Day prizes in school!

Set in the very sparkly, glittery world of Nocturnia, and following the adventures of 10-year old vampire Amelia and her gang of equally spooky friends, the series is hilarious (really laugh out loud disgustingly funny!) and exciting, as well as being full of messages/themes of kindness, acceptance, caring for each other and the importance of friends.

Dealing with everything from spoiled Princes to Unicorn Lords, and with a cast of magical creatures in every book, the humorous situations and repeated characters and jokes (don't ever call a Yeti a 'beast'!) engage readers in the tales and make these fun, exciting and enjoyable reads. The wonderfully illustrated charcters add fun alongside the adventures!

As you can probably tell from the pictures, we like these! A lot! FANG-tastic

Watch a trailer for the first in the series below:

Laura Ellen Anderson is on Twitter as @Lillustrator, and Instagram as laura_ellen_anderson

Hear her reading from one of the series here:

Her website is and her etsy shop for fun, Fang-related prints and accessories is:

Egmont books are on Twitter as @egmontbooksuk, and their website for this series is:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) December 2020

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