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Another Twist in the Tale - Catherine Bruton

This brilliant follow on from the original Dickens classic quite literally does what it says, introducing us to another Twist...the also-abandoned twin sister to Oliver: Twill.

Following a similar path to the original tale, Twill finds herself falling in with none other than the Artful Dodger, and then gets involved in a sinister plot involving a cast of all-too-familiar 'wrong-uns', as Bumble, Fagin and others reappear in pursuit of ill-gotten gains. I don't want to spoil any more of the story, but suffice to say, other recognisable characters may also make appearances before the conclusion of the tale!

New characters, such as the kindly 'Baggage' and the thoroughly nasty Madame Manzoni also add new interest and intrigue to this fast-paced adventure through Dickens' London and the all-too-familiar dens of thieves, kitchens of great houses and workhouses.

I listened to the wonderful Miriam Margolyes reading this as an audiobook, bringing to life the colourful characters and Dickensian descriptions in language authentic to the original but contemporary enough not to put off today's audience!

I loved the chapter introductions and asides to the reader, and the powerfully headstrong female characters lead by Twill herself, with the 'sassy sisters' not far behind!

A great introduction to the characters for those new to the tale, and an equally fantastic follow-up for those wanting to ask for 'more'....(sorry...couldn't resist!)

Published by Nosy Crow, the book is available through their website: and they can be followed on Twitter as @NosyCrowBooks or @NosyCrow

Author Catherine Bruton is on Twitter as @catherinebruton and her website is:

Listen to her introduce the story and read from it in the clips below:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) December 2020

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