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Beside The Syrian Sea-James Wolff

“Best new spy novel by a mile…don’t let this one pass you by if you are a fan of intelligent, complex spy thrillers.” NB Magazine, Top Noir Novels of 2018

Quite the recommendation! But deservedly so...this is a clever spy drama packed with twists, turns and shadowy figures, and I was kept hooked and not sure quite what would happen right up until the end!

Following a son who will do whatever it takes to rescue his kidnapped father, even if it means betraying others, his country and possibly even sacrificing himself to do so, this is a thriller in the style of Le Carre and more recently, Cummings, that will keep you hooked and guessing right to the final sentence, with action as well as clever twists and revelations.

A big fan of this genre, I really enjoyed this....I'm looking forward to reading the author's second book, 'How To Betray Your Country' which came out earlier this year.

Published by Bitter Lemon Press (@bitterlemonpub on Twitter) you can find out more about the author and books here:

Find out more about author James Wolff at his website:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) August 2021

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