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Bite Risk - S.J. Wills


When everyone's a vicious beast, it's hard to spot the monsters . . .
The first book in S. J. Wills' blockbuster teen horror series, perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Fear Street and Skulduggery Pleasant. Sel Archer lives in a normal town with normal residents, except for one night a month . . . When the full moon comes out, almost all of the adults turn into werewolves, and it's up to the young people to protect themselves from danger. But, as this quiet life begins to unravel, and the Turned start to escape, can Sel and his friends uncover exactly who – or what – is watching their every move, before it's too late? Welcome, to the TOWN OF THE TURNED

I absolutely loved this thrilling werewolf romp, where the children are in charge as adults are locked up once a month to protect them from 'the Turned'. But things don't always go to plan, and as they go wrong, it's up to Sel and his friends to work out who they can and can't trust...

A brilliant first book in a new series, this would be perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Jennifer Killick, Point Horror etc.

I'm thrilled that as part of the blogtour for the book, author Sophie answered some 'monster'-themed questions from myself and my avid Y6 reader daughter, Isla:

1. What/who are your favourite monsters from any books you have read/real life stories (ours is the Loch Ness Monster)?

The Iron Man from Ted Hughes’ book. WHAT A GUY. We didn’t deserve him. He’s terrifying, destructive, beautiful and brave, which was an incredibly compelling combination to me as a child. He was one of the first monsters I ever met in fiction, which is probably why he’s stayed with me.

2. What is it about monsters that make them such great characters for books? Have you had any real life experiences with monsters??

Usually, they’re more powerful than us, unknowable and uncontrollable. They bring that frisson of strangeness, power and danger. I think as readers we like to figure characters out and get to know them – monsters don’t make that easy, which hooks us in all the more.

As for real-life monsters, I worked in publishing for a few years, so I’ve met a few properly scary ones.

3. If she could have any monster as a pet, which would it be and why?

Ever since I saw the movie Gremlins as a child, I’ve wanted Gizmo as a pet, as unwise as that would be. I like my pets to be cuddly but have some chaotic potential. I now have a standard poodle called Bucky, who fits that description.

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Thanks to author Sophie for the Q and A, and to publisher Simon and Schuster for the ciopy of the book (and biscuits!) for review.

Find out more at:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot on Twitter and Instagram) June 2023.

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