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Crater Lake mini-review and task ideas – Jennifer Killick

Perfect for year 6, this tale of a group of year 6 pupils on a residential-gone-wrong is action-packed and just the right amount of scary to grab their attention, as the gang of very different characters are forced to face their fears and personal issues to escape and overcome the aliens that have taken over their outdoor pursuit centre. Lots of humour alongside the drama means this is an immensely enjoyable read-aloud, and, chosen as one of the Booktrust’s Bookbuzz books for year 7 next year, it would be a great starter book for year 7s at secondary/high school, with the idea of starting high school just one of the issues addressed in the plot.

Task ideas:

· Investigate the real-life Crater Lake (volcanoes and mysterious missing hikers!).

· Draw a comic-book-style page of the first chapter of the book (it has a very 80s sci-fi/Goonies/Scooby-Doo-type feel to it).

· Investigate wasps and insects.

· Make a 3D model (we used the brilliant Darrell Wakelam’s #jumpstartart ideas to make wasps).

· Plan for a disaster survival kit (one of the characters is a ‘prepper’).

· Possible text links: Demon Headmaster (alien invasion/takeover and horrid teacher themes)

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