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Crowfall-Vashti Hardy

Cast out from the clockwork island of Ironhold, where mechanical technology controls everything, Orin Crowfall finds himself adrift on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. As Orin and his robot friend Cody struggle to make sense of the events that brought them here, the one thing they know for sure is that Ironhold is in trouble. They need to get back, whatever the cost. Plagued by perilous seas and freak storms, and with a terrifying sea monster on their tail, Orin soon realises their journey won't be easy. It will take courage and strength, trusting in new friends and embracing the spirit of adventure, if Orin wants to save his home.

Loved this book (again and as usual from Vashti!)

I'm already a big fan of this author, having worked with her on some #TinyVoiceTalks book salon shows.

This is another brilliant fantasy adventure...exciting, engaging, and with great characters (and monsters!), it also provides readers with a serious message about the planet and environment as Orin Crowfall battles to save his island from destruction. I don't hesitate to recommend it!

I was sent my copy by the brilliant so if you'd like a copy, please order from them or your local independent bookshop.

Vashti's website is and you can follow her on Twitter as @vashti_hardy

You can hear Vashti talking about Crowfall with the fab Gavin Hetherington here:

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) August 2021

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