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GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS - Karen Romano Young, Illustrated by Amy Grimes

Updated: Jun 25

Welcome to the Galápagos Islands, a pristine archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, where locals and visiting scientists work among giant tortoises, salt-snorting iguanas, diving penguins and erupting volcanoes. They are looking for just the right balance between humans and nature to lead the world to a sustainable future.
Far off the coast of Ecuador lies a group of volcanic islands unlike any other. Home to species as diverse as giant tortoises, salt snorting marine iguanas, and the birds that made Charles Darwin famous, the Galápagos are a living laboratory for scientists working on the most urgent problem of our times: How can humans exist in harmony with nature on the only planet we are ever likely to have?

This is a beautifully vivid and gorgeously illustrated non-fiction book about the wildlife of the incredible Galapagos Islands.

Packed with interesting and informative facts and details, it will captivate and fascinate young readers, and would be a great non-fiction accompaniment to primary topics of Darwin, adaptation etc.

im teaching in Year 6 next year again, and already planning how i can use this alongside reading Lindsay Galvin's 'Darwin'sDragons'.

An absolute stunner of a book!

Author and illustrator:

Karen Romano Young, author of Antarctica: The Melting Continent, again takes to the field, visiting the archipelago to observe its environments first-hand and to interview the people who are lighting the way for the rest of us. Illustrator Amy Grimes brings Karen’s experience into vivid visual life for those of us who haven’t been there – yet.

Karen Romano Young is a writer, illustrator, science communicator and polar explorer. She has written more than two dozen books for children and has illustrated several. Her acclaimed science books include Try This!, Mission: Sea Turtle Rescue, Shark Quest, and Antarctica: The Melting Continent. She is a veteran of seven ocean science research voyages, including dives to the bottom of the ocean. Karen lives in the woods Connecticut, USA, with her husband and a big furry dog.


Follow her on Twitter @DoodlebugKRY Instagram @karenromanoyoung and find out more at

Illustrator Amy Grimes loves working with the natural patterns found in her subjects. She uses a variety of hand-painted textures, which she scans and assembles to create digital collages. Follow her on Instagram @hellogrimes and find out more at

Read more about the process behind creating the beautiful illustrations here:

Published by What on Earth! on 6 June 2024 | ISBN: 9781804661147 | £15.99 | Hardback | Ages 10+ years

Blogpost by @richreadlot June 2024

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