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Giften- Leyla Suzan

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A BLIGHTED LAND Ever since The Darkening, survival has been a struggle. The people of the Field toil on parched earth, trying to forge a life amid dwindling resources.

A GIFT As one of the Giften, Ruthie is a saviour to her isolated community: her hands hold the rare ability to raise food from dead soil. But she is also its greatest danger.

A SINISTER REGIME In the City lurks a dark army, intent on hunting Giften to harness their power, destroying all who stand in their way. With the threat growing ever stronger, Ruthie and her friends must leave behind all they have ever known and embark on a quest that will pitch them towards the City, and unknowable danger. One way or another, a battle is coming

My turn on the blogtour today for this deliciously dark dystopian thriller by Leyla Suzan, published by Pushkin Press.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world ( global warming and climate change warning!), the story is set around main character, Ruthie, a member of one of the several communities struggling to survive in a barren, infertile land. Ruthie's character is central to her friends and family, as she is one of the 'Giften', able to connect with the earth and coax life from it in the form of food and crops.

This gift is not completely welcome, though....the Giften are hunted and taken by the 'MAGs', a controlling force who take 'Offerings' in the form of food and individuals from the communities.

No spoilers, but the story follows Ruthie as she makes choices about how she can choose the right path and actions in her fight back against the injustices,

Thank you to Poppy and Pushkin Press for the proof copy of the book and the opportunity to be part of the blogtour.

Check out what other bloggers have to say at the dates above, or find out more at the publishers website:

Giften was published on the 2nd of September, so is available to buy now. Please support independent bookshops!

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) September 2021

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