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Grandad Wheels - Brian Abram, ill. by Lynne Hickin

The start of the Paralympics and the upcoming release of the third book in this fab series seems like a good time to post this review of these two books, the first in the series following the adventures of Brian (aka 'Grandad Wheels') and the cheeky, giggling Charlie (his grandson).

These are fun, lively books, with laughs aplenty as Charlie takes his grandad on adventures to the skate park in book 1, and on a fire-extinguisher powered race through a supermarket visit in book 2...proof that being in a wheelchair doesn't mean the fun, adventures, or that the getting into trouble with granny stops!!

The message in these books is clearly that the wheelchair is not a barrier to fun and laughs, but there is also honesty in these semi-autobiographical books too, as Brian doesn't shy from talking about some of the issues around the reasons why he's in the chair ( a bike accident, NOT a jungle encounter with a lion!!), and what effect that has on life ( tired arms, achy legs that don't work so well anymore etc. ).

A lovely pair of inspiring books that will make a great addition to a classroom selection or be enjoyed being read aloud, the added benefit from these is that author Brian donates the profits from the books to The Spinal Injuries Association and Back Up, charities whose work supports those who have suffered a spinal injury.

You can listen to Brian reading 'Charlie's Big Idea' via his YouTube channel here:

You can contact Brian with enquiries about these books via his website or by following him on Twitter as @GrandadWheels

You can also read more about Brian in this recent piece in his local newspaper:

Book 3 of the series, 'Grandad Goes For Gold', featuring Paralympic gold-medallist Hannah Cockroft MBE is out next month...preorder via this link:

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