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Grey In The Dark - John Lincoln

Blogtour Post 26/2/23

No Exit Press

The irreverent and flawed character of Gethin Grey returns in this second investigation for Last Resort Legals, investigating the mysterious death of a young woman in South Wales, and a possible miscarriage of justice.

Getting to grips with his own troubles whilst also facing his own past and demons, the investigation risks the wrath of different stakeholders as Gethin pokes his nose into often unwanted places, bringing up buried secrets and dragging up past events still not forgotten...

This is a gritty, pacy thriller that evokes the oppressive atmosphere of the close-knit valleys community, juxtaposing them with high-society country estates and luxury life of 'the other half'. But no-one is above the law, and Gethin's dogged determination to find the truth, often at the risk of his own wellbeing, is a stand out feature of the character again in this second instalment.

I think he's a great character, and enjoyed this immensely...another cracking read from John Lincoln and No Exit Press.

Find out more via the other stops on the blogtour ( see image below), or via this link:

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