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High Times and Locomotion - Golden Cosmos, Nobrow Press

These are brilliant in both content and design from illustrators Golden Cosmos (German artistic couple Daniel Doltz and Doris Freigofas) and publishers, Nobrow...concertina posters that unfold to reveal a huge, brilliantly detailed double-sided image in bold colours and retro styling on the subject of the history of various modes of transport.

Featuring many examples of the subject (these two examples being aircraft and trains) my children loved poring over the pictures looking for things and commenting on what was happening.

The card cover also unfolds to provide factual information, names and dates about key moments in the history of the specific mode of transport featured.

Great fun for home or classroom use, I highly recommend these as a fun and novel and unusual example of non-fiction. The huge poster/print is so stunning, it almost deserves to be framed and hung as a work of art!

Thank you @NobrowPress for sending me these two examples from the Leporello book series.

Find out about others via their website:

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