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Hoglets' Christmas Magic- Lynette Creswell

A Christmas story in August!?

Why not...it's never too early!

This is a fun, family-friendly adventure following the story of two hedgehogs, Primrose and Prickles, as they discover that the star on their tree has shattered and set off to find a replacement. Of course, along the way, they meet some other woodland characters in Briar Wood, and even stumble into Santa himself! ( no spoilers though)

A lovely story to read aloud and share with younger readers, this is a fun, brightly coloured and feelgood story with themes of working together, family and positivity that will be a lovely Christmas read around your own tree!

Thank you to Lynn and White Rabbit Books for sending me an ecopy of the book to review.

Follow White Rabbit Books on Twitter as @WhiteRabbitBoo1

Follow author Lynnette Creswell as @creswelllyn or find out more at her website https://lynetteswebsiteblog.com/2021/08/25/hoglets-christmas-magic/

Hoglets' Christmas Magic is out now.

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot)

August 2021

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