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I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast - Michael Holland FLS & Philip Giordano

This beautiful, colourful, fun-fact-filled book is a fabulous addition to my classroom library.

Packed with bold, modern, detailed illustrations and diagrams, and full of interesting (and some previously-unknown to many of us!) information, it has attracted readers in my class the same way that many of the brightly-coloured flowers and plants it talks about attract bees!

Another Flying Eye triumph - attractive, informative and brimming full of facts and activities around the theme of plants and their place in our everyday lives. As it says on the cover - a celebration!

Thanks to Flying Eye for the review copy of this book - find out more at (@FlyingEyeBooks)

Illustrator Philip Giordano is online at

Find out more about Michael Holland at (@pond_dipper)

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) September 2020

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