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Leo and the Gorgon's Curse - Joe Todd-Stanton

This is a great take and addition to some of the traditional Greek Myths, looking at a 'Brownstone' family member, Leo, who inadvertently becomes one of the Greek Heroes he so admires, then has to get himself out of trouble when the truth of what has actually happened is discovered and revealed.

I won't spoil the lovely ending by revealing exactly what twist of fate happens, but will tell you that reading this book may cause you to look at some of the fabled creatures of the classic myths in a new light!

A beautifully illustrated graphic novel, there is plenty of vivid detail, humour and drama in the bright and colourful pictures, accompanying the story's text in a variety of frame layouts on the thick, high-quality paper of the book. Beautiful maps of Ancient Greece, the creatures and the route of Leo's journey act as end-papers.

I loved the ingenuity and original idea of the creatures being defeated by Leo in different ways to the classic tales. The powerful motto and moral at the end: 'there are many paths to being a hero...sometimes not fighting is the bravest thing you can do' along with the ideals of courage, truth, kindness and integrity that were carried by Leo alongside his shield and sword throughout the story make this a delightful accompaniment to the classic tales themselves, and with just as important a message.

With thanks to @FlyingEyeBooks for the review copy of the book - find out more or order at

Joe Todd-Stanton is on Twitter as @toddstanton1 and you can find out more about him at

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) October 2020

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