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Mind and Me Going to Bat - Sunita Chawdhary

Going to Bat is the second book in the funny and perceptive Mind and Me series from author and illustrator Sunita Chawdhary. Serving as a gentle introduction to discussions around mental wellbeing and managing anxieties for younger readers, this heartwarming and relatable story is filled throughout with dynamic and engaging illustrations.
Mind is the voice in Maya’s head which reflects her ideas and emotions. They’re very active and can be quite noisy, which is sometimes helpful, and other times a hindrance . . .
It’s the start of a new school term and Maya can’t wait to join the school Cricket Club and share the good news with her Grandpa in India! She knows he’ll be equally excited, and there’s so much to tell him since last wrote him a letter.
Maya’s juggling a lot with school, sport and family - her ACTUAL MUM is coming into school to coach the cricket team, and then there’s the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head as well. On top of all that, Maya can’t help but feel like she’s forgotten something important . . .
Can Maya and Mind work together and get it all figured out before the big cricket game?

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