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Pirate Academy Missing At Sea - Justin Somper


Jasmine Peacock sat on a bench, beneath a tall Flame Tree, at the top of Swashbuckle

Hill. Swashbuckle Hill was the highest point of Pirate Academy’s lush sweep of gardens.

According to school legend, the hill had been given its name by the first students to step

foot inside Pirate Academy, thirteen years ago.

It was strange to think that the Academy was only thirteen years old. Only two years

older than me, Jasmine thought. She had arrived here when she was seven-years-old.

Pirate Academy was so much more than her school – it was her second home. She

knew that the feeling was shared by every one of her classmates. There were just fifteen

students in each year, drawn from the most famous and successful pirate families. It was

tough to get a place here, and you had to work hard to keep it. Jasmine felt proud to be

an Academy student.

The young students of Barracuda Class were bathed in golden light from the rays of the

setting sun. All eyes were locked on the harbour below, where flaming torches had been

lit to mark the entrance to the school. Tonight was a very special night for Barracuda

Class. It was Captains’ Evening, which began with all of their parents sailing their ships

to Skullhead Rock, ten nautical miles away, then racing against each other to the finish

at the Academy harbour.

“Feeling confident?” came a familiar voice at Jasmine’s ear. “The Peacocks always

come in first, right?” Jasmine smiled as her friend Jacoby Blunt sat down beside her.

“We’ll see,” she said.

“We shall indeed!” Jacoby’s legs drummed excitedly on the ground. He turned away

from Jasmine to beckon over his roommate. “Wing! Wing! Come over here! It’s starting!”

Wing waved and jogged over to join his friends.

“What’s the emergency, Blunt?”

“Take a look yourself,” Jacoby answered. “I think you’re about to win!”

Wing’s eyes zeroed in on the harbour as the first ship sailed into view. It was a very fine

ship with ten sails, its main mast over fifty feet tall. And, of course, a skull-and

crossbones flag flew high on top, flapping in the evening breeze.

“Go Mum!” Wing cried, fist-pumping the air. A chorus of groans came from his


“Bad luck, Jasmine!” Jacoby said. “It’s a Moon victory tonight.”

Jasmine shrugged. She was pleased for Wing. She saw how proudly he watched The

Enigma, the glorious ship captained by Raven Moon, slide into dock.

Watch a video of Justin unboxing the second instalment in this great series here, via his Instagram page:


The whole of Pirate Academy is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming Oceans Bound weekend. It’s the first time the young pirate apprentices of Barracuda Class will set sail as five independent crews – with no teacher oversight!

Excitement reaches fever-pitch as Commodore Kuo and Captain Salt reveal which of the fifteen Barracudas will act as captains for Oceans Bound. Jacoby is devastated when he isn’t picked, which makes things difficult for Jasmine when she is chosen. But worse, much worse, is in store, when Jasmine is told that her Uncle Noah – a ringleader of the League of True Pirates – has, against all odds, broken out of the Pirate Federation’s maximum security prison. Fearing that he will try to make contact with Jasmine, the Head and Deputy give Jasmine the chance to opt out of Oceans Bound. But Jasmine is not about to let her renegade uncle ruin everything.

The five Barracuda crews set sail with hope and adventure in their hearts, beginning a complex trail of tasks, each delivered to its crew via a note in a coloured glass bottle. For one crew, the tasks quickly become much more dangerous. As they bravely navigate poisonous snakes, venomous spiders, sharks and skulls, it becomes clear that someone else is now in control of Oceans Bound.

It’s going to take everything they’ve got for our plucky young pirates to complete the course and triumph against their fiendish enemy.

Follow Justin on X and Instagram as @justinsomper

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Post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) July 2024

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