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Rory's Room of Rectangles - Ian Eagle tonight, ill. by Jessica Knight

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Thanks to Owlet Press and Catherine Ward for the copy of the book to read and share my thoughts on another emotional and heartfelt picture book full of thoughtfulness and empathy from Ian Eagleton.

Close to home this one, having recently divorced, and now seeing my children alternate weeks, so I can truly empathise with the feelings and concerns that Rory has about missing his dad and getting used to new family setups after his parents separate ( a useful reminder that grown ups get worried, too!).

The book is told in Ian's typically gentle and caring manner, with the feelings and worries revealed in a considerate and kind way, and with a positive and reinforcing message of love and care in the resolution that occurs ( no spoilers, though!)

I loved the bright, colourful and engaging illustrations by Jessica Knight, and the setting of an art gallery and use of the paintings as a metaphor for life was a clever device (as well as offering plenty of scope for further investigation of the artists shown in the backgrounds).

I really enjoyed's obviously been written with a lot of genuine thought and care. I can see it being a useful text for use in classrooms and homes to help reassure children who find getting used to new, blended families a tricky proposition at first.

Rory’s Room of Rectangles by Ian Eagleton, illustrated by Jessica Knight, is out now, published by Owlet Press.

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Jun 12, 2023

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