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Secrets Set In Stone - James Haddell

BLOGTOUR - Book 3 in the Truth and Treasure series from James Haddell, Secrets Set in Stone, published by Emira Press, continues this fab series. Mixing ancient Arthurian Legend with thrills and spills aplenty from returning heroine Tia, and her sidekicks, Pasco and Meghan as they search for the Hallows of Arthur - another treasure and secret that the Stormhaven crew have got involved in finding in a race against time. Mysterious strangers, missing treasure, local myth and set against the background of their fantastic school needing saving are all back in this fast-paced historical adventure.

I think these characters and this series has gone from strength to strength: check out the acclaim being received from other writers, below.

While this could be read as a great stand alone, I love reading it as a next step, already knowing the background stories, the mix of characters and the settings involved in the tales, which this builds on nicely. This one (as lots of other reviews have already mentioned) had a real 80's adventure movie vibe for me...think Goonies or Indiana Jones type gang-of-friends quest and you're on the right track - it's fab!

My thanks to James for the treat of an early copy to read, and a spot on the blogtour. Check out other reviews via these links/social channels:

You can hear a taste of what to expect via this clip of James reading from Book 1 of the series, here:

A teacher himself, there are brilliant notes and teaching ideas from James to accompany each tale: you can download resources via this link:

You can purchase directly from the publisher, Emira Press, via their website, here: , supporting small publishers and independents (this is James preferred option, and mine too!)

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) November 2022

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