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Small Bites Back - Hannah Moffatt

In Small! Harvey went to a school for giants- but now we follow Harvey and his friend Walloping Toenail into the Vampire mountains as they try to work out what made the Never-Ending Contracts never-ending and tied Norma Enormous and the Skelephant to the Unspeakable Circus. Something’s bitten the contracts. Could it be something with never-ending venom? As the new Chosen One, Harvey thinks it’s his job to find out. Viscount Bloodsucker, head of the school for vampire dentists (polish up your fangs!) promises to help. But Harvey will have to move fast, because the Unspeakable Circus is on his tail, and Mistress Ring has a great idea for a new act – feeding a Small to the zombie lions!

I'm thrilled to be back with Harvey and the gang (and a new slew of ghastly baddies - and some familiar faces returning - to contend with) in this follow up to Hannah Moffatt's original and funny 'Small!'. Continuing the fun and adventure, with fun illustrations from Rory Walker, this is another cracking read with twists turns and challenges throughout as The Chosen One battles to save the day again! I loved the school reports, timetables, and Harvey's asides never fail to raise a smile. A great fun read for 7+

As part of the blogtour for this release, I'm thrilled to be able to share this guest post from Hannah about her writing process - have a read...are you a pantser or a planner!?

How I write: the joy of pantsing

I’m a pantser. Always have been. While I have heaps of admiration for writers who can sit down and with absolute confidence map out a new story from start to finish, that’s never been me.

At best, I start with a scenario. A comic moment I’d like to explore more. In SMALL! it started with a question: how would a normal boy survive in a school for giants without being found out? I had the question, but until I began writing, I didn’t have the answer.

In SMALL BITES BACK, I had a little more to go on: I already had Harvey and his new giant best friend, Walloping Toenail. And I had a significant problem to build a story from: when I ended book one, I knew the Ring Mistress and the Unspeakable Circus would return in book two. I also knew I wanted the two new friends to spend time in Viscount Bloodsucker’s Academy for Gifted Vampires. But I had no idea how they’d get there or even why they should be there at all until I started writing.

Now, there would be obvious advantages to me changing up my writing style and becoming a planner. Time, for one thing. I have plenty of author friends who seem to be ready to send work to their agents or editors in a draft or two. With me, it takes at least seven drafts before I’m even vaguely happy. That’s partly because I’m a perfectionist, but mostly because pantsing my way through a draft leaves me with loads of plot holes to fix.

But pantsing also leaves me with moments I love and would never have thought of if I’d written to a plan. The tooth fairy scenes in Small Bites Back all came from pantsing. I was in the middle of a NaNoWriMo session when the idea of greedy, tooth-hogging tooth fairies popped into my head. They weren’t meant to be there. I thought I was done with fairies when I said goodbye to the fairy school inspector in book one. But my pansting brain brought them back. Now the fairy scenes are some of my favourite parts of the story (as are Rory Walker’s brilliant illustrations of them).

Pantsing isn’t for every writer, but it’s certainly for me. If you’re scared of the blank page or don’t know where a story should go next, stop planning and start pantsing and see where it takes you.

My thanks to Mikka and Everything With Words for having me on the tour and a copy of the book to review. Find out more about this great independent publisher at

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If you'd like a copy of this fab book, SIGNED by the author (proof picture below!), then use the link under the picture!

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