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SuperQuesters: The Case of The Missing Memory - QuestFriendz

A brilliantly engaging activity-packed book that is sure to gain the attention of STEM fans and readers alike, combining adventure with puzzle-solving ( and stickers!)

Read on for a code to access free teaching guide to use with these fab skill-building books!

Brilliant stories combined with interactive learning, develop key 21st century learning skills – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication – to equip children for the future. Includes easy-to-follow quests for parents and children plus reusable stickers and charm rewards to help children mark progress and celebrate success.


Lilli, Bea and Leo are inquisitive friends who love adventure and solving problems. They share a special secret. When they need help finding the answer to challenging problems they turn into SUPERHEROES!

All they need to do is hold hands, think really hard and in the blink of an eye, they are transported to the magical kingdom of Questland, where adventure and problem-solving fun awaits them!

My thanks to QuestFriendz for the copy of the book to review, and for sharing this code to access the teaching resources:

Find out more and order a copy at:

Check out the other stops on the blogtour via the links/handles in the poster above!

Thanks again to Jude for the spot on the tour.

Post by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) March 2023

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