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Tales of Truth and Treasure Book 4: Dagger, Spear and Sword - James Haddell

Having spent her early years in a children’s home, knowing nothing of her birth history, Tia Trevelyan now has a loving family and loyal friends. She also has a mysterious quest, an arch-enemy and a lot of questions. Along with her best friend, Pasco, and larger-than-life sister, Meghan, Tia is spending the summer on the shores of Lake Bala in Wales, searching for mystical Celtic treasures steeped in Arthurian Legend.
Their adventures will lead the trio through magical portals to cursed forests and forgotten tombs - and into the clutches of formidable foes - in their search for the Hallows of Arthur.

Back on another Arthurian adventuire with Tia and friends - a fab place to spend a while!

I loved reading more about these myth - based adventures, and the trouble that inevitably follows Tia and her friends as she tries to uncover the secrets of Arthur's Hallows. I love the theme across the books of adopted main character Tia finding out more about herself along the way, too, as her link with the historical figure reveals itself as the story develops - her pendant and the symbol of Solomon's Knot linking her to the past.

This is as action packed as usual in this series - mysterious characters, spooky underground and underwater goings-on, and cursed treasures....great fun, engaging, and with a great cast of characters in Tia, Pasco and Meghan, displaying great examples of teamwork and kindness in their relationships and bravery facing the challenges that come their way.

My thanks to James for a spot on the tour and an early preview of the book. Check out other reviews at:

Get a taste of this fab book yourself with this video for book one in the series:

Order a copy yourself at publisher Emira Press's website:

Find out more about author James (a lovely chap on top of being a fab writer!) at his website:

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