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The Boy To Beat The Gods- Ashley Thorpe

Kayode dreams of eating the forbidden fruit of the Orishas, so he can gain the power of the gods and stop them terrorizing his people. So when a fruit mysteriously appears in his path after the Orishas snatch his sister, he leaps on it.
Surging with new and difficult-to-control powers, he joins forces with a shapeshifting trickster god and a vengeful princess to save his sister and put an end to the mighty Orishas. But each has more fearful powers than the last - and Kayode's stolen half-god strength won't last for ever...

This is a fun action-packed adventure, and brilliantly written in a style that reminds me of great traditional myths, but with a contemporary and modern protagonist.

I loved the traditional, origin-tale type opening and unneeded warning from an elder in the first chapter that heralds the beginning of all Kayode's many stories do we see where an order ignored leads to all sort of trouble!?

Action sequences, dramatic plot, great characters ( Kayode and the gods he encounters!) and an easy to read style made this race along, and I'm certain it will be a hit with my pupils in school!

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Ashley Thorpe is a Black British debut author who works as an editor at Storymix, where he helps other writers to create epic stories. His greatest wish is to bring diverse characters to life that he would have loved to have seen, but sorely missed, as a young reader. When he isn't writing or reading, Ashley enjoys making music, outdoor pursuits, indulging in anime and gaming. He lives in Manchester. The Boy to Beat the Gods is his first book.

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