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The Key to Finding Jack

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed Ewa Jozefkowicz's short novel about a young girl's quest to solve the mystery of a hidden key belonging to her brother who has gone missing after being involved in an earthquake whilst travelling in Peru.

I loved the relatively short chapters - they'll be great to read aloud in class - and the range of characters Flick meets as she searches for clues provide lots of interest; all revealing a little more of the story and her brother's true character and desires for life after his gap year. Some lovely messages about living life to the full, making your own choices, family, friendship and courage.

Cleverly embedded within the main story is a mini-tale that Flick herself creates in school - a mystery to be solved by her heroine in Victorian times, linking to to theme of her own desire to be a writer and make her own life choices, despite the plans of her father.

Although the story is based on the earthquake in Peru and her brother's disappearance, there is not actually any of the story set in that country - this would be a good 'gateway' story to link with topics about South America, whilst being an enjoyable read in itself too. Brief mentions of cities and the legends around the Incas would be a great nudge towards further investigation of the country, people, traditions and stories of that part of the world.

Great to see another determined female character in a lead role in children's adventure books!

Thanks to @NetGalleyUK for the chance to read and review.

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