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The Last Whale - Chris Vick


THE LAST WHALE follows three generations of the Kristensen family, their history as whale hunters and later, their resolute mission to save the great whales and our planet. Fierce environmentalist and tech geek, Abi, is determined to save the whales when staying with extended family in Norway. With the help of Moonlight, Abi’s stolen AI device, they uncover whale song recordings made by Abi’s whale-hunting great-grandfather and decipher a pattern. The songs are a map to a future that could rescue the whales and save the planet. 30 years later, Abi and her daughter live with an almost conscious Moonlight on an isolated island, finding silence where once there was whale song.

I loved the mix of past, present and future in this book and how it shows actions and attitudes changing. The AI character, 'Midnight' was a highlight of the story as well, like a mini-conscience and voice of reason alongside Abi's more wild tendencies - it was a fun and novel idea that I know my readers will enjoy.

Mixing adventurous story-telling with an important ecological and environmental message, this is a cleverly written and thought-provoking book is sure to be a great hit in terms of providing a great read alongside serious food for thought.

I'm thrilled to be part of the blogtour for this fab book, and to be able to share Chris' thoughts on 'Being a reader' with you here at whatiread. See below for a message from Chris about the importance and power of reading!

Dear Story Eaters,
Yes, that’s you! We are all readers and gobblers-up of stories. For me it’s how I understand the world. Non-fiction and news, give me the facts. But that’s not the same thing as the truth, is it?
In stories I see through other’s eyes and hear ‘Once upon a time’ in other voices.
I go to places I will never see. I got to places that don’t exist. I see places I think I know in new ways. And afterwards, maybe, just maybe, I see myself a little differently too.
I read to explore but also to escape. And I read what I want, not what I ‘should’ and always have.
I’ve learnt things from books I’ll never get any other way. Ways of seeing, ways of thinking. And that’s what I’d love to think I put in my books. Not answers, questions. Ways to inspire and to explore; questions that the reader will want to look into.
I want readers to ‘wander and wonder,’ just as I do, whenever I pick up a book.
Chris Vick

Watch Chris introduce the book in this video from The Reading Zone Bookclub on Youtube:

Thanks to Camilla (@willowpublicity) and Zephyr for having me on the blogtour and providing a copy of the book for review.

Find out more via these links:

Publisher website:

Twitter: @_ZephyrBooks

Author website:

Twitter: @chrisvickwrites

Available now, please buy from an independent bookshop!

Review by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) November 2022.

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