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The November Witches - Jennifer Claessen

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

At the beginning of what is going to be a miserable, magicless month for their coven elders, also known as November, Clemmie is relieved to finally be done with magical mess. Having sent their October magic packing, she wants to make amends. And so she starts mending their ancient family tapestry.
But she’s only just started on her good deed when knights start arriving at Pendragon Road. But if there’s no more magic, then where are all the armour-clad knights coming from? And why do they all need Mirabelle’s favour? What even is a ‘favour’?
As the plague of knights turns menacing and determined to capture the witches, the young hags must team up with their enemy coven, the Morgans, to work together and solve the mystery of where the witch-hunting knights and the all-engulfing flames are coming from.

It's a pleasure to be included on the blogtour for this brilliant spooky novel, perfect for this time of year!

Read an exclusive extract from the book below, and be sure to check out the other stops for more content as well!

The author:

Jennifer Claessen was born in Reading so, of course, grew up a book worm. She now works in a laboratory - a creative writing laboratory! She makes up monstrous and amazing stories with children at The Ministry of Stories and is also Writer in Residence at Mayfair Library. She's creating a stage show called The Lost Sock because she has no complete pairs of socks. In the rare moments she's not writing about magic, Jennifer is either reading, eating ice cream or cycling very slowly on a bright yellow bike.

You can find Jennifer on Twitter @Jclaessen_ and Instagram @jenniferclaessen_

Thanks to Uclan, Jennifer and Antonia for the copy of the book, the blogtour stop and content.

Post be Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) November 2023

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