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The Secret Life of Farts - Malin Klingenberg, ill. by Sanna Mander

'A toot or a blow,

a honk or a squeak

Each fart is special,

each fart is unique. '

A riotous journey through the subject of 'bottom-burps', this book has caused hilarity and giggles a-plenty since arriving in the house this afternoon!

Full of more examples of the vocabulary used for gaseous bodily-emissions than I had any idea existed (I counted 20, but there may be more!), it is a joyous rhyming guide to flatulence in all its forms, from the posh people who tend to be 'silent but violent' to the 'serial farter' laughing about letting rip in a lift...

With bold, bright illustrations accompanying the verses (illustrator Sanna Mander is a prize-winner in her native Finland) , it is a read-aloud delight, and I'm sure it will amuse many a giggling audience when shared! Translator A.A Prime deserves credit, and has done a great job ensuring none of the fun of the fart is lost in any language issues!

Published by Pushkin Press (@PushkinPress) on the 5th November 2020, and available to pre-order at

Thanks to Poppy for the copy to review!

Reviewed by Rich Simpson (@richreadalot) October 2020

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